Frequently Asked Questions

In this sections we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is GeevApp ?
GeevApp is a cross-platform mobile fundraiser service for social impact projects. The service is currently delivered through our android app. The service will be delivered over other mobile channels like USSD and the iOS platform
What are the options to make a contribution/donation ?
You can geev-in from Airtel Money,Tigo Cash and MTN Mobile money wallets. We also accept geev-in from VISA and MasterCard cards. Don’t have any of the payment cards or mobile wallets? Don’t worry, you can buy Capital Bank's SpeedPay Voucher worth the amount you want to support with , scratch and enter voucher on the app to make your geev-in
Where can geevapp be used ?
Currently only projects started in Ghana can be posted on the platform. However, anyone from any part of the world can see and support your cause.
What is the limit of funds you can raise ?
There is no limit to the amount of funds you want to raise. We advise that targets are set to meet the needs that will be required.
How do i withdraw funds raised ?
Withdrawals (called geev-out) can be done through a number of means .You can request a partial or full withdrawal. Based on your preferred electronic channel, we will send funds to you directly into a bank account number or a mobile money wallet. Huge transfers beyond the mobile money wallet limit will be transferred to your e-zwich cards upon request.
What are the nature of projects I can raise funds for ?
If the project you desire to raise funds is for social good,then it qualifies. We love to see projects addressing issues around the Sustainable Development Goals(SDG) such as health,education,food security, poverty alleviation and the like. GeevApp comes in handy for Individuals, NGOs, Foundations and corporate entities raising funds to support social intervention programs. For every project created, we vet and ensure that it meets a social good theme before it is posted. In the future, we will open the platform for private contributions by groups for very personal project which may not cover a social good theme.
What is the minimum I can give at a time ?
The minimum you can geev-in at a time is GHS1.00 and a maximum of GHS1000.00(USD 250.00) at a go. However, you can still geev-in some more after your last transaction.